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By Appointment Only
9-1 Saturday
Pick-Up Location:
Orders can be picked up at our store at the address below. Please call ahead to schedule a pick-up.
Kessler Farm 835 Gall Road
Easton, PA 18040
We will deliver your order to your door anywhere in the Lehigh Valley for an additional charge of $60 per address.
For customers outside the Lehigh Valley, we will pack your order and ship it via the U.S. Post Office for next day delivery. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
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For any business inquires, sale related questions or even just to say “Hello”’ please call: 610-759-2255 or email stewart@kesslerfarmmeats.com
About us
The Kessler family settled in Plainfield Township, northeast of Nazareth, PA during the Revolutionary War. My ancestors were farmers and our family farm has been in continuous operation since 1780.  Over the years, the Kesslers were dairy farmers, orchard truck farmers, and cattle farmers.  Today we are still farmers, raising Black Angus and Hereford cattle. We sell directly to you through our own meat processing facility. There is no middleman.
Our Beef
We have a closed herd of Black Angus-Hereford cattle that we raise according to organic standards.  Our animals are born on our farm. Our cage-free herd roams our pastures and grazes at will on pesticide-free grass, clover & alfalfa. This increased level of exercise leads to enhanced muscle formation, which means that there’s a little less fat and a little less marbling in our meat.
Part of our herd eats only grass. The rest have their diet supplemented with naturally raised feeds such as corn, hay and soybeans that we grow on our farm from pure seeds. We do not use genetically modified seeds and we do not use pesticides.
We do not give our animals antibiotics, steroids or hormones
to make them grow faster – or fatter.
We age our grass fed beef for 14-21 days, while the meat from cows fed a grass/grain diet is aged 7-14 days.  After aging, the meat is flash frozen and ready for your freezer or table.
We sell our beef three ways:
• By the side or quarter. Call us - 610-759-2255 -to place an order for a side or quarter of beef
• By the bundle - a very economical way to purchase a large quantity of meat.
• By the item, individually wrapped and packaged.
• Our ground chuck is 85% lean
• Our steaks are cut 3/4 “ thick (thicker steaks available upon request)
• We smoke our own meat products on site
• We do our own meat processing in our own USDA inspected facility
CALL US: 610.759.2255
9am - 1pm Saturday Weekdays by Appointment Only