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Cuts & Cooking Info
There’s a lot of meat on a side of beef - about 300 pounds, and often more. There are two parts to a side: a Front Quarter and a Hind Quarter. Many people buy their beef by the side. It’s an economical way to feed a family and ensure a ready supply of meat for several months. Some people opt to purchase only a quarter of beef – a half of a side.
A side of beef (a Front Quarter & a Hind Quarter) has several different sections:
Front Quarter
:  Chuck • Rib • Brisket • Shank
Hind Quarter
:  Loin • Flank • Sirloin • Top Round • Bottom Round
These sections are then cut into smaller pieces – primarily steaks & roasts – or ground for hamburger. There are
multiple ways
to cut both a front quarter and a hind quarter. If you would like to purchase a side or a quarter, we will gladly explain what cuts you can get in more detail.
How to Cook GRASS-FED Beef
Grass-Fed beef is lean.  It’s higher in protein and lower in fat, so it usually requires less cooking time.  Grass- Fed beef will also continue to cook when it comes off the heat.  So, make sure to remove it from the grill 10 degrees before it reaches the desired temperature.  Then, let it sit, covered in a warm place for 8-10 minutes to let the juices redistribute.
Here are a few tips and techniques that will help you prepare tasty and delicious Grass-Fed beef.
Add liquid:
Coat grass fed steaks with olive oil to enhance the flavor and keep it from drying or sticking to the grill.
Marinade it, especially lean cuts like NY Strip or Sirloin steak.
No time to marinade?  Just coat steak with a dry rub, cover it with plastic wrap and pound it a few times to break down the connective tissue.
Cook at low temperatures:
Reduce the temperature of your grain fed beef recipes by 50 degrees for your Grass-Fed beef dishes.  The cooking time will be the same or slightly shorter, even at the lower temperature.
Watch your Grass-Fed beef.  Since it cooks so quickly, it can go from perfect to overcooked in less than a minute.
If you like your meat well done, make sure to cook Grass-Fed beef at very low temperatures in a sauce to add moisture.
Use tongs to turn your beef.
use a fork.
Thaw Grass-fed beef in the refrigerator or, for quick thawing, place your vacuum- sealed package in water for a few minutes. 
thaw in the microwave.
Cook beef at room temperature in a pre-heated grill, pan or oven.
Never cook cold meat.
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